Who are we?

The University of Texas Sailing Team is a group of full time undergrad students who self-run a team that competes within our district and throughout the country. We will teach anyone who wants to learn to sail and compete.  The skill level on our team ranges from childhood racers to summer camp sailors and even people who have never sailed before.


Who can join?

Any undergraduate, full-time student at the University of Texas can join.  There are no try-outs. All are welcome!


Do I need to have sailing experience?

No experience is necessary.  We will teach you everything you need to know. Everyone who participates in practice has th opportunity to move up within the team and to sail at regattas.


What kind of gear do I need to sail?

Luckily, we live in Texas and for the  most part, its warm and sunny!  You will always need a life jacket, which we will provide for you if you do not have one, and having good footwear is also important. That could be sailing boots, sneakers, or Tevas. We do not recommend flip-flops or Sperry Top-Siders. During the warm months, we sail in lightweight clothes like shorts and bathing suits. As the months grow colder, sailing gear such as spray tops and bibs are a good idea, but under armor layers and fleece are great base layers and can work just as well for a novice sailor who does not have this gear.  Also, we do have a subsidy program to help cut the cost of gear for our newer members! Feel free to contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to find out more.


What kind of boats do y'all sail?

The team owns a fleet of 18 Flying Juniors (FJs) purchased in 2012.  These are two person boats that are highly performance based and allow for  agility and speed on the water. We used these boats to compete in Nationals 2012, which was held in Austin!


What is the time commitment?

As a club sport, we are not required to attend practices or regattas.  However, the more practices you attend, the more you will sail, and the better you will become.  It is truely a sport that you get what you put in to it. That being said, we have weekly Monday night meetings at 8:00 where we go over new business and the lesson for the week. There are generally two (2) practices a week, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday, and depending on the schedules of new members we may add a third practice on Wednesdays. Most every weekend we travel to regattas all over our district. Again, nothing is mandatory, but we have a feeling that if you come out and get involved you will really fall in love sailing, just like we did.


Do y'all do anything outside of practice?

As with any team, we spend a lot of time together and for new UT students, joining a team is a great way to meet people. We like to do a social event usually once a month to bring the team together in a non-sailing way and to let our members get to know one another. This could be playing volleyball, pool parties, movie nights, or a number of other fun activities.


How expensive is it to join the sailing team?

New member dues will be $170 for the first semester. Returning members and regular dues are paid every semester and run at $220.  We collect dues to cover travel costs, boat repairs, and occasional plane tickets. We will also have a gear rebate program to aid in gear purchase. The second semester on the team you will be able to take up to $100 off your dues by purchasing gear used for the team and presenting your receipts to our treasurer. 


What is a regatta?

A regatta is the name that we use for our sailing competitions.  A regatta consists of the three or more races.  Collegiate sailing has regattas almost every weekend and we usually sail both Saturday and Sunday.  Our attempt at these regattas is to complete a full round robin which allows for all teams to sail in each boat.


Who do y'all compete with?

Within SEISA (our district), South-Eastern Intercollegiate Sailing Association, we sail against other, mostly club, school teams.  We often sail against Texas A&M, Texas A&M Galveston, Oklahoma University, Tulane University, Colorado University- Boulder, University of Western Florida, and more.  However, when we travel out of our district, we do sail against varsity teams such as MIT, Boston College, College of Charleston, USC, Stanford, Dartmouth, Harvard and more.

If you have any more questions, email the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Where do y'all travel to?

The team generally travels within our district which spans from north to Colorado, South to Corpus Christi, and East to western Florida.  Austin is in line with our most western teams. At least once a semester the team will send a group of sailors to an Intersectional to compete within different districts and, on occasion, we even make it to national championship regattas.