General Facilities Information

Facilities include docks in two sheltered coves with slips for 160 boats up to 30' in length, and up to 76 board boats stored on the docks for easy launch access. In addition there are over 200 parking spaces on the grounds for trailered boats, with two launch ramps that are usable over a wide range of lake levels.

The grounds also feature a mast-stepping crane and a members' work area for boat maintenance and repair. The work area has a hoist capable of lifting boats up to 30'.

There are five cabins and seven screened camp shelters on site which may be rented by members and their guests. The cabins are winterized, air-conditioned, and have kitchen facilities. A limited number of RV hookups and camp sites are also available. There are also numerous picnic tables and barbeque facilities scattered around the grounds.

The clubhouse overlooks the lake and swimming pool and can accomodate several hundred people for parties and social events. The immediate clubhouse area is also served by WiFi high speed Internet access.



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AYC Contact Info

5906 Beacon Drive
Austin, TX 78734-1428

Phone: (512) 266-1336
Fax: (512) 266-9804

Our Fleet



The University of Texas Sailing Team has a fleet of 18 FJs (Flying Juniors). The Fleet was bought in 2012 for the 2012 ICSA National Championships held in Austin, Texas. We have a full set of practice sails as well as a set of 18 Racing Sails bought in 2012.


Light-weight and agile, the FJ utilizes the weight of the skipper and crew. In collegiate sailing, there is no spinnaker used, therefore, making sail shape and weight distribution key elements for sailing.


The FJ is a one design boat which means that all boats are the same and only small modifications can be made, making it non-handicapped. In college sailing, boats are rotated in a round robin format to make it fair for all sailors by competing in all the boats.



While we use FJs, other schools use a similar boat called the 420. This boat is almost identical, although the 420 is wider and has a smaller sail plan. These boats are more common for coastal schools that deal with greater winds and waves. We will be sailing on these boats in most other schools in SEISA. However, many of the schools in ICSA have FJs.