Meeting Minutes 3/19/2012

Meeting Minutes:

 Upcoming Regatts:

  • A&M This weekend- Leave saturday morning, Stay saturday night.
  • Corpus next weekend with Women's Clinic in Tulane as well
  • Easter Weekend- Women's team to Boston.
  • Championship Regattas.


Tuesday Practice is on regardless of weather (rigging if weather is poor). Thursday is normal.

New Boats-

  • Rudders and Tillers need to be unpacked and hooked up. Leave them in boats for now, but careful you dont chip them. 
  • Some masts need to be double checked for cardboard/tension.
  • Boom vangs need to be rigged/rerigged. Take note of shroud covers, some are different, but we are looking in to getting new ones.
  • Wash boats out to get grass/leaves/dead bugs out.
  • Hold people accountable for damage to new boats as well as derigging correctly.
Still a couple thousand left to go even though new boats are here.