Membership Procedures


1) Go to the Registrar in the Tower to get a copy of proof of enrollment. In order for it to be free you must go, in person, request a proof of enrollment and then wait overnight for processing. (All you need to bring is your UT ID)
2) Take your proof of enrollment and your health insurance card over to Gregory Gym.  Before you even swipe your card, go to your right through the double doors, then to your immediate left there will be a desk.  They will be able to get you a blue membership packet (There is also one to the right of this page).
3) They will make a copy of your insurance to put on file (w/out health insurance, the club is charged a nominal fee, so try to get it in if you have it please.)


1) After you have turned in all of your info to RecSports, you can then be added to the team list for ICSA.  If you are not registered with ICSA, you may not compete in any SEISA or outside district events.
2) Go to
3) Under "New Registrations," click "Register Now"
4) You want to register as a student sailor and choose "The University of Texas." Then click "continue to the next step"
5) Fill out the required information and be sure to at least click the correct semester and subsequent semesters that you want to participate
6) Last, complete filling out the information and it will be sent to Johnathon Elliot, our adviser at RecSports, for approval (i.e. why forms must be in prior.)


In case of an emergency, Austin Yacht Club, where we hold our practices, needs to have your current health insurance on file. Please print out the “Medical Release Form” form and bring it, filled out, to practice with a copy of your health insurance card. You cannot sail until this is finished.


This portion is only for returning members who will be driving to regattas.
1) Get a "Sport Club Driver" form from RecSports or print the copy to the right of the page
2) Take your form, license, and driver's Insurance to RecSports
3) They will copy your license and insurance and put it on file.

Get all of this done as soon as possible! See you at practice!